Hire a Content Writer/Branding Strategist Who Understands Your Industry

I write content that helps businesses grow their online presence and land new clients.  My style is conversational content with personality.

When working on your brand position and perception, you must have great content.

I can help you meet your content needs through the following services;

Brand Strategy

Do not be generic!  If you do not create brand identity, you are selling something grey and amorphous.  You need to position your product or service to be ‘brand identifiable’ by your customers.

Hire my services to assist you position your brand as a specialty that comes with a promise.

We can also engage in the visual expression of your brand through careful application of graphic design.

Content Strategy

Content is king! For relevant, cutting edge content that will connect you with your readers, hire me to keep you ahead of the pack.

Land Page Content

Your online landing page content is absolutely critical.  This page must make your reader take the action you want them to make. I will help you create content that is optimized and ranked highly among the search engines.


Email marketing is key to your marketing efforts and if correctly used, it will boost your bottom line.  Having designed numerous newsletters over the years, hiring me to take charge of your email newsletters to boost visibility and sales.

I can also engage my design skills with your team to enhance it aesthetic value.


This is an essential tool and if well used will generate a lot of leads.  Embrace the power of blogging that endears and engages to keep coming for more.

Guest Posts

To grow your reach and have a great brand perception, it is important to embrace authoritative blogs in your niche.

Hire me to write high value guest posts.

Ghost Writing

Looking for adequately researched articles with optimized content?  I will save you the time by giving you the very best of my work without taking the credit.


These resources are a great ingredient to cement your authority as a thought leader in your industry.  Hire me to create these guides that serve as a unique source of sales in your business.

Feel free to contact me and reference any of the services you would be interested in.